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Inaugurated in 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, the House of Music is an ambitious urban renewal project that gives a new face to the Hungarian capital. The Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto* envisioned it as “a sound wave suspended at the treetops”. Built and landscape intertwine in perfect osmosis, despite the 9,000 m² of this exemplary building in terms of energy transition, using geothermal energy and sustainable materials. The boundaries between interior and exterior are blurring thanks to huge solar-controlled thermal glass panels, which form a true translucent curtain.

* The architect Sou Fujimoto also designed the White Tree in Montpellier (France, 2019), and is the winner of Réinventer Paris competition in 2022 with Mille Arbres, a building project in the 17th arrondissement.

Photo credits: © Krisztian Tefner, © BodaiTamas, © fotoember © Mrton, © Posztós János, © Forance, © skovalsky, © Posztós János