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Located at the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix holds the title of the hottest city in the United States. Last summer, under the combined effects[...]

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For a dozen years, passive houses, positive energy buildings (PEBs), and exceptional public buildings have been raising sustainability standards in[...]

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Tarik Oualalou, who geared into action following the earthquake that struck the region to the south of Marrakech on September 8, 2023, advocates «[...]

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Ecological transition is a powerful driver of innovation. Six ConTech (for Construction Technology) startups stand out for their ingenious solutions[...]

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Valencia (Spain), European Green Capital 2024, has prioritized natural solutions and biodiversity, particularly along the coastline, to accelerate[...]

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Inaugurated in 2022 in Budapest, Hungary, the House of Music is an ambitious urban renewal project that gives a new face to the Hungarian capital.[...]

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