Why this webzine?

The construction sector is at the crossroads of the major contemporary issues that humanity and the planet are facing: the climate crisis, energy emergency, rapid urbanization and the social challenge of decent housing, as well as the necessary protection of natural resources.

In this context, we have both solutions and a capacity for action that can turn the tide, at a time when decision-makers around the world are making a commitment to build a more sustainable world.

The purpose of this digital magazine is to share and illustrate our mobilization to meet this ambition.

Constructing a sustainable future  is designed to be a link between the various representatives of the building and construction industry, as well as a platform for exchange and dialogue to share the greatest achievements, best practices and innovations that will help to accelerate our sector’s transition. 

This digital magazine will address and give a voice to all who wish to engage in this end: architects, urban planners, promoters, builders, craftsmen, manufacturers, distributors, political leaders, and students.

Furthermore, this editorial initiative is also part of a larger project: the Sustainable Construction Observatory, a unique tool for informing, listening to, understanding and uniting all stakeholders in sustainable construction and includes the first Global Sustainable Construction Barometer.